IGNASI CLOTET, S.L. – Research and development of industrial automation equipment.
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Integrated management process

In Ignasi Clotet, S.L. we are specialists in research and investigation of industrial automation equipment. We automate production lines and storage. We design and construct machines and/or specific lines adapted to clients needs.

Along with the development of the machine we provide comprehensive management of the whole process:

- Logistics
- Traceability
- Product movement process
- Process automation
- Product management
- On-line maintenance

Our specializations

For the creation of our product the application fields we apply are electronics and automatic devices; mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics. In general terms, comprehensive industrial automation and industrial machinery. We also carry out maintenance and industrial software.

Our main specialization are repairs and product storage. Using aerial conveyors, chain or roller, automatic manuals; dosage measurers and hook exchangers; stackers and destackers; flippers; etc.

Mechanical engineering department


Ignasi Clotet, S.L. carries out basic and detailed engineering calculations, measuring a structural solution adopted to meet the needs dictated, depending on use by the existing regulations.

2D and 3D Design

In order to undertake an engineering project Ignasi Clotet, S.L. uses two types of systems of CoCreate One Space: Modeling for 3D spatial distribution and Drafting for 2D outlining.

By means of the CoCreate One Space system it models the spatial distribution, automatically creating itself and from its own work model all the information necessary for its manufacturing in the workshop ( frame layouts, sketch of quartering, a list of materials, etc.) and for its assembly.

This work system provides undeniable advantages in relation to reducing implementing deadlines, as it achieves great output in the creating process of layouts in detail.

As all layouts and files are obtained from one single model for the CoCreate One Space processing, this achieves important improvements in quality and guarantees that the layouts obtained are perfectly geometric. This permits a manufacturing design integrated system that eliminates the intermediate steps of programming and significantly reduces the human factor error which is usually associated with it.

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